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We treat several mental health conditions including the following:

 • Anxiety

• Depression

• Bipolar

• Obsessive Behavior

• Phobias

• Schizophrenia

• Sleep Disorders


• Anger and aggression

Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is a comprehensive examination utilized to gather information regarding your mental and physical health. The evaluation is utilized to determine your diagnosis, treatment plan, and risk factors.


We utilize multiple tools to assist us in accurately diagnosing your conditions.

NOTICE: We do not offer Psychological Testing. 

Coordination of Care

With the permission of the patient, we will gladly collaborate and coordinate care with all of your medical providers. Integrated care is important because it allows every member of your healthcare team to work together to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible.

Medication Management

Patients are offered a variety of medications to assist with managing their symptoms and conditions. All prescribed medications are electronically sent directly to the patient's pharmacy.

Referral for Counseling

We assist our patients with locating a provider for counseling/psychotherapy services. 

NOTICE: This service is only offered to patients under our care.

Request and Appointment

You may request an appointment with our provider by clicking the link below and completing the form. 

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